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“Conflicted advice from Wall Street, market volatility, soaring healthcare and education costs, and rising prices and taxes, all pose great challenges to individuals and families who really just want to live a good lifestyle. Wealth Redefined is a financial planning doctrine that may help you achieve lifestyle goals, happiness, and your vision of wealth despite the myriad of dangers in the world today.”

– Bob Reby, CFP®,  author of Retire Without Worry and Wealth Redefined

CEO & founder, Reby Advisors


Your health, relationships, and family are all components of wealth, and your financial plan should be in line with those values. Wealth Redefined will help you find your unique version of financial independence and enhanced peace of mind.

by Bob Reby, CFP®

Steve Sokol, Esq.,

founder and president of Sokol Associates

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Jeffrey Jowdy, Esq.,

Jowdy & Jowdy, a Connecticut & New York law firm

Jonathan R. Elyachar,

chairman of the board, Elyachar Properties

"Wealth Redefined addresses family, relationships, and rewarding life choices in the same tone as income, prosperity, and wealth and sets the  standard as to how all books of this nature should be penned. Setting  a goal of how to achieve your vision of wealth and setting a course of action to realize that goal is priceless, and so is the advice in this book."

Rich Foudy,

happily retired executive

“ Bob Reby addresses the age-old question, ‘Do you work to live or live  to work?’ He understands that financial decisions are made with the big picture in mind.”

“ I loved reading Wealth Redefined. Bob Reby offers new insight and advice on having a healthy relationship with money. It’s a must read for everyone at any age.”

“ If you are interested in having your money work for you, financial freedom, financial independence, and financial peace of mind, Wealth Redefined is a must read.”

About the Author

After graduating from James Madison University with a BA in Finance in 1985, Robert J. Reby decided to pursue his passion for personal finance by founding Reby Advisors. After more than three decades in business, his vision and the firm’s mission remain the same: to inspire people to achieve financial peace of mind.

Under Bob’s leadership, the firm has grown from a local financial planning firm to a wealth management practice that has a national footprint with offices in Connecticut, New York, and Florida. He has been recognized by Barron’s as one of America’s Top Financial Advisors and the top independent financial advisor in Western Connecticut.*

Bob has appeared on variety of media including CNN, CNBC, FOX-TV, Business Week, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes. com, and many others. He was also an on-air financial specialist for “Good Morning, Connecticut,” hosted “Money Sense,” a weekly radio show offering financial education, and penned a weekly newspaper column of the same name for the News Times.

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Bob Reby, CFP®,

author of Retire Without Worry and Wealth Redefined,

CEO & founder, Reby Advisors

For most people, the word wealth conjures images of material possessions and luxury: fancy jewelry, exotic automobiles, opulent living quarters, and vacations in Southern France. To become wealthy is the pinnacle of the iconic American Dream. When you can afford the best of everything you want, you get to live happily ever after . . .

That may be the traditional vision of wealth, but it is not most people’s experience.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, author Bob Reby explores the idea that wealth means different things to different people. Your health, relationships, and family are all components of wealth, and your financial plan should be in line with those values. Wealth Redefined will help you find your unique version of financial independence and enhanced peace of mind.

Wealth Is More than Money

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*The formula Barron's uses to rank advisors is proprietary. It has three major components: assets managed, revenue produced and quality of practice. Investment returns are not a component of the rankings because an advisor's returns are dictated largely by the risk tolerance of clients. The quality-of-practice component includes an evaluation of each advisor's regulatory record.